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Air-C-Tech is one of the leading
companies in Israel specializing in  providing solutions,
building and planing top quality institutional kitchent ventilation applications with an emphasis on energy savings.
The company also specializes in applications of filtering and air purification within
buildings and has a reputation And extensive experience in hundreds
of Installations throughout the country.

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HALTON supplies ventilation systems to LEED-compliant kitchens

Show kitchens by their name are part of the dining experience. They are characterised by heavy load appliances within the dining area. A significant amount of smoke can be generated in a short period of time. To ensure the cooking process only adds to the dining experience, great care must be taken when designing the ventilation system. There are a number of factors that must be taken into account that can influence proper system performance.

Aesthetics play a role in the exhaust system design and Halton has numerous unique hood configurations that can be a focal point or made to blend in. Whether an island style, round, oval or traditional, painted or other decorative element, Halton has a range of solutions to fit any interior décor. Factors that influence the proper performance of the exhaust system include proper placement of supply air diffusers, space balance requirements and properly designed exhaust rates. Halton systems address all of these elements and create an energy efficient design that ensures a memorable dining experience.

Halton maintains a nationwide group of Certified Agents that are trained and ready to serve your needs, this group of service agents are committed to the Halton's program of service.


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